Please – Thank You

We all want our children to be respectful, mind their manners and be kind to others. Here are 5 simple ways to get you on the right track.

Five ways to teach good manners:

1. Start early: Young children understand words before they learn to talk, so be mindful of manners when you speak to your child.

2. Teach ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ : If your child points to a an apple, say “would you like an apple?”  Say” apple please” as you give him the piece of fruit.

3. Be consistent: Expect good manners from your child. When he says “thank you”, you reply “your welcome”.

4. Prompt your child if he forgets his manners: Say “ What’s the magic word?” Don’t give him more until he remembers how to ask politely

5. Teach children respect for others: Good manners are more than just reminding your please and thank yous ,  they are the way you believe other people should be treated.


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