Pump It Up

We all know that when it comes to feeding your baby “Breast Is Best” but there seems to be a new trend on the horizon. Mothers are now opting to feed their babies breast milk by pumping not breastfeeding. Time Magazine has wrote a very interesting article about this new trend. When mothers were asked why they choose pumping instead of breastfeeding their reasons varied: some mothers said they dislike the feeling of a suckling baby. Others said it was painful or that the baby failed to latch on. Some wanted to avoid the uncomfortable possibility of having to breast-feed in public.

Pumping is a win-win proposition, say mothers: it gives them freedom while still ensuring their babies get that all-important breast milk. It can be scheduled around work and leisure. Further, pumping allows fathers and other caregivers equal time in feeding the baby.

Despite the general bias toward breast-feeding, mothers say pumping was the only feeding option that made the first years of their newborns’ lives manageable. “People need to understand that after breast-feeding from the breast and bottle-feeding with formula, there is a viable third option for feeding your infant — and that’s exclusively pumping,”. “And all mothers should have a right to choose this option and receive the support and care they deserve from their doctors and families.”

Still, since lactation has a lot to do with the mother’s direct hormonal response to her child, for some women, Gordon Gallup, a professor of biopsychology at the University of Albany says, pumps may not be as efficient as the real thing. “When you just have a relationship with a pump instead of with a baby, the milk supply can dwindle because the mother may not be secreting the hormone oxytocin that aids in a mother’s milk letdown,” he says. For those mothers, he suggests staying near their babies or looking at photos while expressing milk.

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2 responses to “Pump It Up

  1. i spent many hours at the pump because i had problems with latching on with my kids,, honestly if i had the option i would definitely go for the actual physical breast-feeding rather than the expressed one,, it is time consuming,, it gets boring,, and it ain’t pretty,, but seeing your baby on your lap that close is much more fulfilling than bottle-feeding,, anyone can do that,,,
    i hate the pump,, makes me feel like a,, well you know what,,but its benefits outweigh formula feeding,,
    my suggestion would be start with the breast,, until both mother and baby get used to latching on,,, stay that way for at least a month before introducing the bottle,, then start expressing so that you have time to slowly get back into your regular life schedule,,
    easier said than done,,, *nightmare*
    if you don’t mind me asking,, what’s your personal opinion and experience?

  2. I nursed both my children until they were 6 months old and then i used the pump. With my first son it was so much easier because we were living in the states and with a nursing cover you could go anywhere and not have to worry about being home in time for his next feed.

    I think mothers are put under a lot of pressure when it comes to nursing, you should do what feels right to you and if for whatever reason you think pumping is the best choice then by all means go ahead with it, at least babies are getting breast milk instead of formula.

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