Superfoods For Breastfeeding

Superfoods are those that are considered especially nutritious or beneficial to health. By eating the right foods when breastfeeding, you can keep yourself fit, build a healthy supply of milk, and protect the planet too.

When breastfeeding you need around 300 – 400 extra calories a day for the first three months of exclusive breastfeeding.

Essential foods:

Fruit and vegetables – aim for more than five a day, including some green leafy vegetables and orange, red or yellow produce.

Oily fish – eat about twice a week, choosing fish that harbor fewer toxins.

Whole grains – seek out organic loaves with no soya flour, enjoy organic oats for breakfast, and try grains like spelt.

Dairy produce – organic is free from hormones; natural yogurt has more calcium than milk.

Source: Green babycare, available at Oleana Boutique



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