Happy Birthday Nodi!

I can’t believe you are four already! You are growing up into this wonderful little person, independent with a lot of character. You make us laugh with your cute remarks, angry with your stubborn attitude and thankful for every day we have with you. As you blow out your candles I can’t help but make a wish for you. My Nodi may you always know how loved and special you are. May you grow to be a man who gives freely and thinks kindly. May you remember how lucky you are and support those less fortunate. May you become a thirsty learner, a leader and a man of your word. May you always love with innocence. May you see in yourself what I already see in you.

If I could climb every mountain for you and steer you always into the right direction, I would. Your life is still unwritten and there is beauty in that, you determine who you are and we can only guide you on your journey. I can’t promise you perfection, I can’t promise you much of anything, except that I know that we were blessed with the greatest gift twice in our lives, with you and your brother, and that I will love you always and forever.

Happy Birthday my darling, with many great years to come.

الله اىخلىك و يحفظك لنا ىارب :*



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Nodi!

  1. that’s one yummy looking cake… happy birthday from us 🙂
    btw your tagged 🙂 http://bndq8.blogspot.com/2010/06/b-was-crowned.html

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