Oleana Got Crowned

Question 1: Who tagged me??

Question 2 : 6 secrets that no one would come to know about me on our first meeting 🙂

1. I have a sixth sense when it comes to people, I can tell when they are being fake from the first second.

2. I’m a stationaryholic. I love everything and anything to do with stationary, and my biggest addiction has to be notebooks. I have hundreds of notebooks from all around and change my daily notebook every week!

3.  As soon as I wake up in the morning I have to have a full bottle of warm water or I can’t function properly through out the day.  My cousin used to make fun of this little habit when we were in college ( o mithel maygoloon alah may6eg ib 3asa ) she is now worse than I am. She cant get out of bed without having her water first lol.

4. I love photography. I always carry 2 cameras in my bag, my Digital and Polaroid camera. I’m always the one taking pictures and because of this I have very few photos of myself.  Now I’m facing a major problem, I have a ‘ Chandler on my hands’ My eldest son cannot smile in front of a camera! I’m serious, he has an adorable smile but once the camera is on him something just happens :/

5. I plan on sky diving one day.

6.  And last but not least my family are my life.

I would love to tag loads of them but for now i Tag :

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4 responses to “Oleana Got Crowned

  1. those are some nice secrets 🙂
    I really cant drink so much water first thing in the morning..althou i know its really good for the system 🙂
    im the laziest bum in the moring!!
    I use to have a craze for stationary…but it became less over the years…after college!! 😦 but i still get stuff for scrapbook ..yes i do scrapbook..hehe…love it!!

  2. hehehe thanks! Scrap booking really ? i know a great lady who sells supplies fro scrapbooks, ill send you her information. She has gorgeous supplies 🙂

  3. Thanks just did mine.. I love notebooks too i don’t buy as much as you maybe lol but i have many madri shino aktib feehom looool!

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