Where do you draw the line ?

As parents it is natural for us to want to provide our children with the best of everything. The best would normally include a safe environment, nutritional meals and excellent education. But unfortunately nowadays parent’s priorities have changed. I was always one to say that I will stand my grounds when my kids come and ask me for a ridiculously priced toy, a mobile or any item that is not age appropriate just because all their friends have one. My question is where do you draw the line? Do you give in to the pressure so that your children don’t feel left out? Once every so often doesn’t do any harm, or do you seize the opportunity to teach the lessons of  true value of things in life? Hoping that your 5-year-old child will understand the difference.

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One response to “Where do you draw the line ?

  1. The problem is when parents differ in that idea.. example I don’t like to buy everything for my kids but my husband does :/ or when you say no and then their grandma comes and says yes :/ it’s a bit difficult, especially in our society.. bas i try my best in showing my kids that we might have the money today to get this or that but maybe tomorrow we won’t have anything..

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