When babies only eat sweet food

A comment on my facebook page got me thinking about babies and how fussy they are when it comes to eating.  When babies are introduced to solids it is natural for them to prefer sweet food over savory ones, keeping in mind that your little one’s sole source of nutrition for the past 6 months was infant formula or breast milk which has a very sweet taste. If this problem occurs, the best thing to do is solve it as soon as possible, we all want our babies to be happy and most of us do give in to their demands but in the long term it may limit the range of nutrients he receives and lead to very picky eating later on.

What is the solution? The best way to get around a preference for sweet foods is to serve savory ones in disguise! If your baby has a passion for sweet potatoes but will consistently refuse to eat cauliflower. Then try serving a meal of sweet potato, with just half a teaspoon of cauliflower stirred in. Continue to serve this combination for a couple of days, then increase the quantity of cauliflower to 1 teaspoon. Over the next few days, continue to increase the amount of cauliflower you are adding to the dish, until it becomes the dominant flavor. Eventually, you should be able to serve it separately to the sweet potato! You can do this with all sweet and savory vegetables.

What kind of tricks do you have up your sleeve?



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2 responses to “When babies only eat sweet food

  1. Smart.. I tried doing that to a 10 year old by making her eat vegetables with something else so she doesnt taste the flavor.. but then she made a face and didnt like it. So I was like: oh well.. at least you tried. Im sure it will work with babies way better.

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