Bedtime Routine

A few of my friends have asked me how my kids go straight to bed without any hassle at night. Of course that is not always the case, we do have our ups and downs but most of the time they are very good with their bedtime routine. The best way for your children to settle is to always have a routine, something that Is familiar to them. For example our bedtime routine starts 45 minutes before its time to go to bed. After dinner they have a bath and splash around for a while, brush their teeth and wear their pjs. After that its story time, we sometimes stick to the same book for weeks! I’m not kidding, Nodi likes to listen to me read a story until he knows it by heart!  Then its time to say good night, hugs and kisses, read صورة الفاتحة and lights out.

When you have a routine like this and kids are in bed by 7.30. They wake up full of energy and ready to start a new day. It also gives you some time to yourself. The house is nice and quite, you have time to read, surf the net and spend some alone time with your hubby.



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3 responses to “Bedtime Routine

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  2. Unless your hubby is like mine and falls asleep while putting our daughter to sleep! Hehehe.. 😀

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