Story Time At Oleana Boutique

Today was our Story Time event. It was a great night and we would like to thank everyone that showed their support and turned up 🙂 We hope you and your little ones had  great time.

Setting up with our little helper Nodi 🙂

When kids started to arrive we kept them busy with some coloring

Everyone got a little sticker for a job well done

Shhh! Story Time 🙂

Kids then created their own little fish with the help of mommy

Something to take home and remember us by 🙂

Finally, we cant have an event without yummy cookies & fish pops from Absolute Chocolate!



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6 responses to “Story Time At Oleana Boutique

  1. ShoSho

    Awwww cute pictures and cute kids :*

  2. sheikha

    what a beautiful event, too bad I missed it

  3. Oh, I’m upset I missed it. I’ll have to stay on the lookout for other events you’ll organize that would be attractive to my 3-year-old.
    Btw, I heard ravishing reviews about the event! Keep up the good work. 🙂

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