A day at Magic Planet

With the extreme summer heat these days I decided to take my kids to Magic Planet – Avenues where its nice and cool. We went yesterday had some lunch and then headed for some fun. It has been a while since we last took them there because it gets quit crowded during the weekend.

Before I start I want you to know that I’m not judging anyone I was merely observing what was in front of me.

The ratio of nannies to parents was probably 4-1 so for every 4 nannies there was 1 parent. I was quite surprised to be honest because I see it as a time for parents to enjoy themselves with their kids, get to play games, go on some rides with them and just have fun together. What really shocked me was this:

Seriously ?!?! 😦



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8 responses to “A day at Magic Planet

  1. So cute ! The housekeeper is using a sling just like mine! Mine is hot pink though.

  2. This is just Shocking and Sad. Going out with children is to strengthen the relationship with parents not with housekeepers!

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  4. D

    Nannies should wear normal clothes when their out!

  5. om-abdulwahab Al-Awadhi

    i know how you feel .where ever i go with my husband and my 3 kids(2 preschool) everybody stare at us cuz we have no nanny! I don’t know how these poor kids will grow normal if they’re so attached to their nannies who change every 2 years or so…

  6. Yona

    I’m against nannies taking care of children in public places !! I’m the parent & I should take care of my kids while taking them out just like my parents did to us, they never took nannies out with us

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