Helpless little chicks

I saw this on AlYasra Organics facebook page and had to share it with you. They saw this at the Radaman Food Exhibition at Mishref Fairgrounds. These poor helpless little chicks were given away in boxes to kids so that they could paint them in different colors!!! So this is the kind of entertainment/activities we have for our children?!? It’s so sad to see that no one is doing anything about it.



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6 responses to “Helpless little chicks

  1. Lujain

    This is unacceptable, we should teach our children the value of life and not encourage them to disrespect it. Poor chicks!

  2. Holy crap! Why not give out chicken nuggets on toothpicks!?
    Why give away free animals to torture?! This is just stupid :/

  3. I was soo heart broken when I saw it too Oleana 😦 Someone has to do something!!!!

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