Getting ready for take off

My hubby and me decided to take a quick trip with the kids this week before Ramadan. We will be leaving tomorrow and I’m starting to panic! It will be the first time we travel with baby Fizzle. In my head I have everything organized and prepared but in reality it’s a mess lol. Packing for a baby is a nightmare, I don’t want to over pack but on the other hand I don’t want to leave anything “just incase”. You would think that this is something easy since I have done it hundreds of times when Nodi was a baby, but I feel like its all new to me.

One of my main concerns was getting Fizzle a seat on the flight. Everyone kept telling me that there is no need because we can ask for a baby bassinet and since our flight is a night flight Fizzle will be sleeping most of the time ( I hope ). I wasn’t convinced so we booked a seat for him. To make things easier I bought the car seat adaptors to add to his stroller so that he can be nice and comfortable, no need to carry him in and out all the time. I think it is very important to have your baby securely fastened in a seat of his own when traveling.

Do you put your baby in his own seat when traveling or just have him in the bassinet provided ?


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  1. Yona

    I agree !! Packing for a baby is a big hassel !! Ans If my baby is under 2 years ill just put her on my lap and use the baby cot provided. But just to note ! If u r using the bugaboo stroller maxi cosi car seat, you cant just attach the carseat to the stroller while ur baby is on it !! You have to take the baby off it, attach the seat, then put the baby back ! Its a big hassel thats why i got the bugaboo bee instead !!

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