No need for baby monitors

When Noodi was born I was so paranoid that I wouldn’t let him out of my sight when he was sleeping. I never left him in the room by him self because I was so worried that he might be too warm or he might spit up or even cover his face with the blanket.  I didn’t want to use a monitor because I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to hear him properly, what if the battery run out and I  didn’t notice.

I know now that I over did it but hey I was a first time mom, everything was new to me, I used to worry  about the smallest things. If you are anything like me then I’m sure you are going to appreciate these Exmobaby Biosensor Pajamas.

These interesting Exmobaby Sensor Pajamas incorporate a baby monitor within the piece, monitoring your baby’s heart rate, emotional state and behavior. All of this is sent to your phone via your home’s wireless network, so you can remain worry free while you’re away from your beloved child.

The Exmobaby Biosensor Pajamas is set to go on sale in 2011.

Oh how much I love technology! 🙂

Source: Engadget



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2 responses to “No need for baby monitors

  1. Woow thats really great! 😀 Mashallah how do u find out about this information? Thanx for sharing..and it’s normal for mothers to be protective over their babies…i mean u carried them for 9 months..!!

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