Pickles & ice cream anyone?

When I was pregnant I craved spicy food even though I used to hate it. I ate caramel and whipped cream everyday and had to have the same chicken sandwich for lunch for a whole month!

Pregnancy makes some women crave weird food, here are just a few:

  • Pickle juice. She would drink it right out of the jar
  • Pickles on Oreo cookies
  • Dipping cheese in ketchup
  • Chocolate-covered fried chicken
  • Rocky road ice cream with watermelon
  • Chicken – but that’s only weird because she was a vegetarian!

Did you have any weird cravings during pregnancy? Which foods did you have to get your hands on?



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2 responses to “Pickles & ice cream anyone?

  1. I asked my sis when she was preg is she had weird cravings..she told me no.!

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