Play at Discovery Mall

I have taken my kids to most of the play areas in Kuwait and one always stands out from the rest, a favorite with my kids and it’s always their number one choice.

Play at Discovery Mall is a great indoor playground. You can rest assure when you walk into Play you are walking into a clean, fun and safe environment with soft rounded edges for toddlers and babies.

Sliding down a waterfall slide, swinging on a coconut tree, dancing with colorful balloons, relaxing on a water bed and taking tarzan rides are among the many fun activities kids can enjoy.
The arcade section provides a mix of the latest non-violent age appropriate video and redemption games along with licensed kiddie ride including Barney, Bob the Builder, Hello Kitty and Thomas the Train. A seven meter spider mountain with climbing walls is a hit with kids all ages.

For more information check out their Facebook page.



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3 responses to “Play at Discovery Mall

  1. Monira

    Thank you Reem for the beautiful post 🙂

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