Top 5 maternity fashion mistakes

Being a fashionable mom-to-be is easier than you think. All it requires is that you listen to your inner fashionista and avoid these top 5 fashion mistakes.

1. Forgetting your personal style: Don’t start wearing tailored maternity dresses if your pre-pregnancy wardrobe consisted of jeans and flowy tops. Find maternity clothes that are the style you love, but cut to fit your pregnant body.

2. Waiting too long to buy maternity clothes: You will be more if you buy clothes that fit well before you start popping out of them.

3. Buying all your maternity clothes at once: It is impossible to tell exactly how your body will look at Week 28 when you are at Week 12. Buy a few pieces as your body changes, but hold off on buying everything at once (especially with maternity bras).

4. Wearing large “tent-like” dresses : Avoid the tent look through buying clothes that fit and gently hug your growing bump. Look for details like an empire-waist with a tie back or side-shirring to give your body form and style.

5. Not pampering yourself: You will feel more put together and sexy if you indulge yourself a little and get a pedicure and a fabulous haircut.

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2 responses to “Top 5 maternity fashion mistakes

  1. Oh I LOVE maternity clothes that show a sexy pregnant figure! You won’t believe how much I shop for clothes when I am pregnant lol.. some women think 7aram ma yiswa, buy only few but I think it’s an unforgettable experience that I love to live to the full.. Killish ma at7assaf

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