Daiso, a hidden gem

I was clearing out some of my closets today and realized that I have a lot of stuff I want to store so I decided to head to Daiso in City Center to buy a few container boxes. For those of you not familiar with Daiso, Daiso is a Japanese lifestyle store with products ranging from miscellaneous daily goods to cosmetics, home décor and traditional Japanese arts and crafts, most products cost 600 fills but you can find some items that are more expensive. I can spend hours in the store checking out all the little knickknacks they have.

Here are a few of the things I found:

A great selection of gift boxes in every color, style and size.

For green tea lovers, an assortment of cups and pots.

They had lots of chopsticks for kids and adults with cute little boxes for storage.

A banana slicer. Told you they had everything! 😉

If  you love baking they had adorable cupcake holders, cookie cutters and all sorts of molds and baking goods.

I call this the bento section, they had a great selection of trays, rice molds, shape cutters, egg molds and food dividers.

of course I couldn’t leave empty handed,

I purchased some great lunch box accessories for Noodi’s lunches. Lets see how it goes. Oh and guess what ? I left without buying any containers!! :/

Daiso is located in City Center – Souq Al-Salmiyah.



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7 responses to “Daiso, a hidden gem

  1. WOW!! I never knew such place existed!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. L

    Do you know the opening hours for Daiso in Kuwait? Thank you.

  3. Luis Rodriguez

    1) SALMIYA
    Al Souk Salmiya. City Centre ground floor. Phone 965 25712250 / 208.
    Maghateer Centre a 5 stories building. With name written only in arabic, just ask for
    Maghateer Centre. Daiso is inside on the third floor. In front of the Farwaniya Co Operative.
    Phone 965 24745107. near Farwaniya police dpt
    A second store just a few steps from the other. Located underground of Al Samaam Centre
    behind the Farwaniya Co Operative. Phone 965 24745371. near Farwaniya police dpt
    4) JAHRA.
    In Jarha city. Al Mikhal Mall. Phone 24577309.

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