Tweeting during labor & delivery

I’m in love with twitter at the moment but it can’t imagine it being the first thing that comes to mind when I go in to labor! one mother did just this and managed to Tweet most of the way through the birth of her second child. Fi Star managed to tweet her way through the birth of her baby boy during a drug free child birth.

Fi Star-Stone said she was determined to send the live Twitter updates during her 13-hour drug-free labor to help ‘dispel the myths of child birth. She said she wanted to reassure other mothers that natural birth was a positive experience. She went into labor at 2.30am on Friday, and posted nine Tweets from her iPhone while in her birthing pool.

Baby Oscar was born without any complications at 3.42pm, weighing 7lb 9oz – followed by a final Tweet 20 minutes later introducing him to the hundreds who were following the posts.

She said: ‘I got so many messages of support – it was a fantastic experience.’

Would you tweet your delivery experience ?

Via Ask Mum


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