FC Barcelona – kids club

With the weather getting nicer each day, it was time for the kids to start some outdoor activities. Nodi decided that he would like start Soccer practice. After doing some research I found out about FC Barcelona in Kuwait. I contacted them and went to their office to register. The Club is located in Dasman Model School in Sharq. They get to practice 2 days a week either Saturday and Monday or Sunday and Tuesday. I chose Sunday and Tuesday so he has something to do during the week. They practice twice a week from 5 -6 pm and then on Thursday they have a match. Yesterday was his first day. He was a bit intimidated by some of the kids because they seemed older and bigger; he said that he was sad because he couldn’t do any of the moves his dad taught him, too cute! Nevertheless he had so much fun! He can’t wait to go again.

One thing that I didn’t like was that they had a small kiosk that sells snacks; all I saw was junk food and soda drinks. I think for a kids soccer club they should try and promote healthy eating habits by providing healthy snacks and drinks.

If your kids enjoy soccer I would highly recommend you check it out. It’s a great opportunity for them to meet new kids, get some exercise and just have some outdoor fun.

For more information call 65052000



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4 responses to “FC Barcelona – kids club

  1. cool also My brother is taking his son to Everton one.. a course for 5 weeks..

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