My body is my canvas

or so my son thinks. I know this is normal at his age but its getting out of hand. He  draws on his hands, legs, fingers, feet, toes and face all the time! Once  I got so angry because he drew on his face with a black marker and it took forever to wash off! I told him if he does it again I’m going to take away all his coloring pens. What does he go and do? Draw on his stomach thinking I would never find out! lol

This is what was left after a very long scrubbing session! For some reason the pen wouldn’t wash off :/



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One response to “My body is my canvas

  1. The other day my 2 year old drew on his cheek with the high lighter pens! LoL I could not wash them so I used the alcohol wipes I use for my 5 year old, from his diabetic kit

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