Baby’s wardrobe basics

1.  flower pink footie 2. organic neutral footie 3. vein flower footie  4.Brown stripe footie

Basic clothing must haves for newborns:

  • 6 – 8 onesies
  • 6 jumpsuits
  • 4 pairs of booties
  • 4 cardigans ( varies weights )
  • 2 pairs of scratch mittens
  • 1 sun hat
  • 2 – 4 beanies
  • 1 coat (for a winter baby)
  • 2 sleeping bags

When shopping for a baby you always have to think about how practical and comfortable the items are. Babies want to be comfortable so look for items that are:

  • Made of natural fibers. Cotton will allow soft skin to breath and wool will keep them nice and warm. Stay away from synthetics becase they can sometimes irritate sensitive skin.
  • Easy to get on and off. The items you choose should be designed for quick changes. The wider the neck the better. Also try to choose zippers over buttons specially for night changes, they are much easier to fasten with a fussy baby.
  • Don’t have buttons down the back, as this can make your baby’s nap time seriously uncomfortable.
  • A lot of parents tend to buy a bigger size in hope that the baby can wear it longer. This is a good idea when the baby is a bit older, as for newborns stick with the newborn size or 0-3 months.
  • Tags are another important thing to know about. A lot of babies find that tags on the back of their necks very irritating and bothersome. One solution is to remove the tags from your newborn’s clothing. Another option is to buy tagless clothes which are more common now on newborn basics.
  • Try to stay away from clothes that have real buttons near the mouth. Buttons can be a very dangerous chocking hazard.

Baby basics in the above picture are available at Oleana Boutique


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