The sibling debate

When I first got married people started with the number one question, when are you going to have a baby.  Even people I hardly new started asking me. Of course we had a plan and a baby wasn’t in our near future. When we finally decided that the time was right and I got pregnant I thought finally everyone can stop asking me but to my surprise they started all over again. When will baby number 2 arrive? بسم الله توني والده  was my reaction! Then of course you get all the advice, have them a year a part, no two years. You raise them all at once. It will be difficult the first few years but then you can relax. Seriously?? Why can’t I have a 3 to 4 year gap between them. Enjoy them individually and have some time to myself before starting all over again.

I have 2 adorable little boys with a 3-year gap. To me I think its perfect. My eldest is very independent, he is also old enough to understand the concept of a new baby, he is able to help me with his little brother and he also goes to school so I have some time to spend alone with my baby.

The baby debate is a tough one but what do you think ? What is the best age gap between siblings ?


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  1. 3 ~ 4 years is perfect.. I think

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