Car seat awareness

I was so excited when I spotted this ad in yesterday’s paper. I said to myself, finally a company has decided to create awareness for child safety in cars. I then realized that it had nothing to do with car safety. It was an ad for double phone credit! 😦

Since the government is not doing anything about it, I wish private companies and hospitals would join forces and create an awareness campaign about the importance of car seats. awareness



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  2. Or maybe schools should start a campaign.
    Recently The mother of one of Mimi’s classmates brought him over to our car to show him how Mimi was buckled up and how he should buckle up too. But he wasn’t convinced till I told him that if he does buckle up he’ll get rewarded. Every afternoon when I went to pick up Mimi he would tell me that he buckled up! When a week had passed with him buckling up (followed by a weekend too) I gave him 2 stars. He was over the moon! Now, it’s our ritual. He tells me he’s buckling up and I praise him for 5 mins for being such a good boy.
    Honestly, kids at this age are easily swayed to do things. And if we make them aware and demand to buckle up, maybe we can get thru to the parents too.

    • I agree, schools should also participate and teach kids the importance of wearing their seat belt. I also think that parents need to be educated as well. If a child is used to being in a car seat since he was a baby then wearing a seat belt as he gets older is nothing out of the ordinary for him. I see parents leaving the hospital with a newborn baby, the mother is sitting in the front with the baby in her arms! In the states you can’t leave the hospital with your baby if you don’t have a car seat installed.

  3. P

    I agree! Both schools AND hospitals should join forces to educate people on child car safety. In the U.S. they will NOT let you leave the hospital with your newborn baby unless you have a car seat properly installed inside your vehicle. They should do the same here. I hate it when I see idiotic people hold their babies in their laps in the driver seat while they’re driving– as well as in the passenger seats. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!

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