Kids hanging out of car windows!!

This is a scene that we see on a daily basis in Kuwait. When will the authorities wake up! when will parents realize that a child should be  in the back seat with his seat belt on at all time, and not hanging outside of a moving vehicle!



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5 responses to “Kids hanging out of car windows!!

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  2. P

    That shows you the lack of discipline & ignorance/stupidity on the parent’s/authoritie’s behalf! Makes me sick how they can’t regulate such a simple thing that is soo beneficial to our kids! Instead, they’re worrying about bikini banning *sigh*

  3. Um Abdulla

    When I see scenes like this everyday, I understand why we are considered a 3rd world or developing country. While Dubai airport offers free car seats for kids, we have people that would rather buy a perfume than pay the same cost for a car seat that can protect their child.

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