The best & worst places to be a mother

The 12th annual Mothers’ Index analyzes health, education and economic conditions for women and children in 164 countries. Norway is the world’s best place to be a mother, while Afghanistan is the worst. This year, Kuwait ranks # 34 in the less developed countries category while Cuba ranked #1. Bahrain was the highest ranking in the Gulf Countries at # 17, followed by U.A.E #36, Qatar #38, Saudi Arabia #64 and finally Oman #69.

I was shocked that Kuwait was so far down the line from Cuba! Why do you think that is ? What are we missing in Kuwait and how can we develop it more?

Click here to view a report by Save the Children on the best & worst places to be a mother.


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One response to “The best & worst places to be a mother

  1. Laila Al-M

    These statistics are heartbreaking. Can’t imagine what it feels like to be a pregnant woman in Afghanistan, its too sad that this is still happening to people in the world at this day and age. Hamdilla!

    Regarding Kuwait, i really wonder what they are taking into consideration for this analysis, How could we be so far behind???

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