Duo Messenger Bag By Skip Hop

The Skip Hop Duo diaper bag is a must for every parent. It is the perfect bag for toddlers. Compact and stylish with enough room to store all your toddler needs.

Don’t forget, we have a promotion going on now. Buy it before Sunday and you will get 20% OFF!


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One response to “Duo Messenger Bag By Skip Hop

  1. I LOVE this bag. I got it in the cream link pattern, and it feels so trendy without being over-done. What I love best about it are ALL the pockets- none of them are superfluous, they are all easy to access, and extremely practical. I love that the changing pad pocket is on the outside, making it easy to access all the diapering stuff when pinning down a wiggling poopy child. I love the roomy diaper pockets on the inside, the cell phone/pacifier pocket (my daughter doesn’t use a pacifier so I co-opted the pocket for my cell and it’s perfect! No more digging!). The ONLY complaint I have is the coloring. I love the contrast of orange and cream, but I thought when I go ordered it that it would be more of a white than a dark beige. Also, because it’s so light, it gets dirty really fast- the material is a slick nylon kind of a material, not the coated canvas many diaper bags are nowadays. A bottle of anti-bac leaked in my bag and it wasn’t actually water proof (granted, that was a pretty extreme test of their water-proofing, but still!)- The brown of the zipper for the orange section ran and left a permanent stain on part of the bag, and the orange portion got a water stain. This was not Skip Hop’s fault though, so I don’t think it detracts from the bag. What does detract from the bag for me is that the corners get pretty gross looking from brushing up against things in the course of the day- hard to feel stylish when your bag gets that dirty looking, that easily. It’s not machine washable, so I often have to empty it out and go at it with a toothbrush, being EXTRA careful not to get the orange section or brown zippers wet, God forbid they stain the bag! That said, it’s lightweight, stylish, practical, and unique looking. Despite the wear and tear of staining, I would probably buy it again.

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