Leica, You stole my heart!

It’s beautiful!

1956 Leica M3 with pink snakeskin owned by Paul Cuthbert — this is the only one like it IN THE WORLD *sigh*

M9 Titanium – limited edition

The Leica M9 Titanium designed by Walter de’Silva, head of the Audi Design Team. Stunning!

My heart just skipped a beat!!

Leica MP. This is a limited edition, the most beautiful MP kit set ever made. Total 500 sets only. Can I have one ?! PLEASE!!



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6 responses to “Leica, You stole my heart!

  1. Laila Al-M

    Ohh, im gonna cry! wish i had the Titanium, maybe then my Leica wouldn’t have broken when it fell straight on your concrete floor on New Years!!

  2. What a beautiful tools. if you fall in love with Leica you should get one 🙂
    you won’t regret it.
    I have the M9 and 4 lenses and i’m living the dream 😀


    thanks for sharing

  3. Shosho

    Omg I WANT!! Can we buy them?

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