greensac at Galleria 2000

I passed by Galleria 2000 today and came across this great little store called greensac. greensac is a store dedicated to selling reusable shopping bags and fair trade products. If I’m not mistaken I think it is the first store of its kind in Kuwait. I loved the wide range of stylish reusable bags they had, perfect for days at the beach, grocery shopping or just for everyday use.

They come in all different shapes, sizes and color.

The brown bags are so cool. Each bag has a different color lining which makes it revisable as well.

They also have the support Japan bags. For Every FEED Japan bag, a donation will go to the FEED Foundation’s FEED Japan Fund to aid in the disaster relief efforts by supporting organizations on the ground .

And my favorite item has to be these shopping cart bags. It will make grocery shopping so much easier and guilt free. Unfortunately they wont be available until the 16th of June.

They can also help you start a recycling program, whatever be the type of your organization. They can help you:

  • Set up a  recycling scheme
  • Train your staff to recognize the different materials that can be recycled
  • Identify the most appropriate recycling company in Kuwait

greensac is definitely worth a visit 😉

For more information check out their website, Facebook page and follow them on twitter. oh how much I love social media! 😉



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6 responses to “greensac at Galleria 2000

  1. amazing !
    I’ve seen them in KTA exhib but didn’t get a chance to visit their shop.
    must go pronto!

  2. Congratulations – your shop is an inspiration! xx

  3. ashwa you’ve posted about it! … 3ashan I was going to buy me some of these from Amazon UK before coming back to Kuwait 😛 kel shay now bel Kuwait deerat el5air : )

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