Blogger’s Baby Photos Competition !

Blogger 7aji dude is having a baby photo competition for bloggers. Only bloggers can send in their baby pictures but everyone can guess which picture belongs to which blogger.

The winner will receive a  KD 40 gift voucher to spend at any Al Shayaa store/ restaurant.

Here are the rules:

1- You must be a blogger :P

2- You can only submit one photo.

3- The photos must be your own obviously ;)

4- Send your photo’s to

5- last day of submission  is Thursday 23rd of June.

6- The first person who comments with the right names of the which baby photo belongs to which blogger wins.

7- In the case of no one getting all the names right , the person who guessed most of the names of the blogs right wins.

8- All answers should be commented on the post itself , in order not to create confusion on twitter and facebook. ( but having more follower’s would be nice :P so follow us guys ! and stay tuned for the competition updates ;) )

9- The pictures will be posted on Friday  24th of June, winners will be announced the following Friday 1st of July.


Good luck! 🙂



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