Wave at the bus dad – A teenager’s worst nightmare! lol

When you’re a teenager you think anything your parents say or do is embarrassing and not cool. Rain, a sixteen year old from Utah found that out the hard way! It all started on the first day of school when he told his mom and dad to stop waving goodbye to him every morning. His dad Price took that as a challenge and started dressing up each morning to wave goodbye to his son as he got on the school bus.

Price wore a different outfit everyday for a hundred and seventy school days. He has dressed up as a bride, mermaid, cowboy, ghost, and various cartoon characters.


It’s just too funny! Can you imagine your dad doing this to you?

Check out more of his costumes on his blog Wave at the bus.


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One response to “Wave at the bus dad – A teenager’s worst nightmare! lol

  1. Hanan Al Failakawi

    OMG hahahaha
    taking the time and effort to what exactly ? cool guy thinking ’bout his kid all the time and thats the outcome :pp man if dad did that to me i might run away as a kid it was awful if dad ask my friend who is your father LOL
    thanks Oly was funny :p

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