What’s behind the red door?!


Behind the red door stands a cozy cafe in Kuwait City. As soon as you walk into it you get the sense of warmth and comfort and that’s what it’s all about, comfort food! From their yummylicious sandwiches to their oh so mouthwatering desserts, 10.oh.8 is the perfect place to hang out with friends or simply read a book.

What I love most about 10.oh.8 is not only their delicious menu and stylish interior, but also their efforts to give back. Their motto “Eat for a cause” is what distinguishes them from the rest. 10.oh.8 supports a different charity every 3 months were a part of their proceeds go to that charity.







10.oh.8 is located in Sharq, AlShuhada Street, right next to Hope School. Tel: 22479371

You can’t miss the red door!



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3 responses to “What’s behind the red door?!

  1. Oh Super Cool! I love sandwiches! I hope they’re light too. Why didn’t you take pictures of the food? I’ll try to stop by someitme

  2. Thanks for the post Oleana, We greatly appreciate it 😉

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