High Chairs & Shopping Carts harbour more bacteria than toilet seats!

In a pervious post I wrote about a study that showed shopping carts in supper markets carry more germs than public restrooms. Another study  says that not only shopping carts but also high chairs in restaurants have been found to harbour more bacteria than the average public toilet seat.

Teams took swabs from high chairs in 30 different restaurants and found that on average the number of bacteria on a high chair – including some which can lead to serious illness – was 147 per square centimeter. Continue reading the article here.

Babies can get very sick from the bacteria lurking around the high chairs and shopping carts. I always have my shopping cart cover with me when going to the super market with Fizzle  but If I go to a restaurant and he has to sit in a high chair, I always make sure I wipe it down with dettol wipes before putting him in it.

Image via Daily Mail



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