Back to school

The count down has begun and I can’t wait! With Ramadan and the blazing heat our schedule has been messed up. Now, It is time to get back into a proper routine.

This year I surprised myself; I have everything prepared in advance. I even have their lunch boxes planned out for the first few days. No last minute errands, which is a first for me!

Are you ready for the school year to start?



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2 responses to “Back to school

  1. my baby girl will start kindergarten in couple of weeks, and i prepared everything except the lunch box 🙂 but i am googling lots of pictures for lunch boxes to get ideas, and using your tips as well, thank you.. just a quikc question, if its something she isnt used to and im putting it out there for her in her lunch box, will she eat it?

  2. Good luck 🙂 it is such an exciting time for both you and your baby 🙂 When it comes to her lunch box I suggest you give her foods you know that she will eat. If you want to introduce something new, give it to her at home first as a snack and see if she likes it or not 🙂

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