Tips for a healthy lunch box

Always keep these tips in mind when preparing your kids lunch box: 

  • Choose a reliable lunch box that has a tight seal to keep the food fresh.
  • Preparation and Planning is Key! A little thought goes a long way… Try and think /plan the week ahead, so you have the fresh ingredients in for their lunch boxes.
  • Make sure to add an ice pack to keep the food cool and safe especially in our weather.
  • Don’t pack more than they can eat. Its better to have them eat all their lunch than have them come home with leftovers.
  • Keep the lunch healthy. Stay away from chips, chocolate spreads and candies. Make sure their lunches are balanced and contain something from each food group.
  • Don’t experiment with food during school days. Always prepare something you know they like. You can even let them help out by recommending certain foods they would prefer.
  • Make the lunch box look appealing. Add color and make sure everything is neatly packed and that nothing spills over.
  • Make it easy to eat. Bite size sandwiches, wraps and salads are always best. Keep it small and simple.
  • Variety is Key! Keep it interesting and mix it up. Don’t keep sending   them to school with the same lunch everyday.
Do you have any tips you would like to add ? Leave a comment in our comment box and we will happily add it to our list.


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7 responses to “Tips for a healthy lunch box

  1. And avoid the sugary snacks. When the children are on a sugar high, they are unable to concentrate on what they are doing in class. And as a volunteer lunch lady, I often see the cookies and chocolates eaten and the healthy food thrown in the bin.

    • I know :/ I face the same problem with my son. He always comes home saying that his lunch box is boring because he doesn’t have any chocolates or candy while all his friends have all sorts of junk in their lunch box

  2. enigma

    I found some amazing little boxes like these in DAISO, perfect for lunchboxes

  3. very nice topic

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