Preparing for your delivery ? Here’s what you need to pack

Toiletries for you

  •              Cleanser
  •              Toner
  •              Moisturizer
  •              Eye gel
  •              Deodorant
  •              Body wash/soap
  •              Sponge
  •              Towels
  •              Toothbrush
  •              Toothpaste
  •              Floss
  •              Shampoo
  •              Conditioner
  •              Styling products
  •              Make-up
  •              Hairbrush
  •              Hairdryer
  •              Hand-held mirror
  •              Body lotion
  •              Stretch mark cream
  •              Cotton wool pads
  •              2 packs of disposable briefs (some hospitals provide them)
  •              Maternity towels
  •              Pack of breast pads
  •              Lip balm

Clothing for you

  •              2 nightdresses/shirts with front-opening for breastfeeding
  •              Light dressing gown/slippers
  •              Socks
  •              2 loose cotton tops
  •              2 pairs of cotton pants
  •              2 nursing bras/support bras

Toiletries for your baby

  •              Baby bath
  •              Cotton wool balls
  •              Pack of newborn diapers
  •              Pack of diaper sacks

Clothing for your baby

  •              3 light cardigans
  •              6 pairs of scratch mitts
  •              6 bodysuits/onesies
  •              6 sleep-suits/footie pajamas
  •              6 swaddle blankets
  •              6 cotton caps

TIP: Put one of each of the scratch mitts, onesies, footie pajamas, swaddle blankets, cotton caps in a Ziploc bag. This will keep them clean, organized, and easy to give to the nurse when your baby needs changing.


  •              Camera/video camera
  •              Electronic breastpump
  •              Nursing pillow
  •              Nursing cover
  •              Selection of books and magazines
  •              iPod
  •              Assortment of sweets
  •              Mobile phone/charger

Going Home Bag

  •              For you: outdoor/going home clothes and shoes
  •              For your baby: outdoor clothing (depending on weather), cotton cap, scratch mitts, booties
  •              Infant carrier car seat (THIS IS A MUST)
If  you have any other items you think I should add please leave a comment and I will include in right away.


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3 responses to “Preparing for your delivery ? Here’s what you need to pack

  1. PERFECT!!! For next time inshallah 😀

  2. Om azeez

    I do the same thing exactly!! i put the sets for the baby in ziploc bags ready to give the nurse while im at the hospital 🙂 great list, Love ur blog :))

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