Stress solvers

Being pregnant is one of the most magical experiences a women will go through. As beautiful as it may seem being pregnant  can take its toll on you physically and emotionally. Here are a few simple suggestions to calm you down and ease you back into a worry free zone.

Get a prenatal massage every once in a while. This can help ease the aches and tension in your muscles and mind.

Enroll in a prenatal yoga class. Yoga is proven to reduce stress, relax your body and calm you down. It will do wonders and you will be great afterwords.

Partake in a daily excersise routine. With the weather getting cooler at night try going out for a stroll everyday.

Take an hour for your self away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Go into a quiet room, light some candles and play calming music while you snuggle up with a good book or magazine ( nothing baby related)


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