Best reason to get the new iPhone 4s for parents

Looking for a reason to get yourself a 4S even though there’s technically nothing wrong with that iPhone 4 you swore you’d use forever only 14 short months ago?

Well, it’s your lucky day. Thanks to Evoz, you’ve got all the excuse you need.

The free Evoz app turns your iPhone into the most advanced baby monitoring device ever invented. Just download the app, place your old phone in baby’s room and use your swish new model to listen in—from anywhere in the world with a signal. Too busy to keep listening? No worries, the system will call, text or email you when your baby has been crying for 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 8 minutes (not sure how fast we would receive them – need to test it out). There’s even a data tracker that analyzes crying and sleep patterns—what more reason do you need?

Check out the Evoz review

Source: Stroller Traffic


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