Mellow Bumps, a 6 week program for mommies to be

I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs Play.Teach.Love today and thought It was well worth re-posting. I used to get a lot of emails asking about programs specialized for mommies to be  in Kuwait and finally someone has went a head and started one.

Mellow Bumps is a 6 weeks program designed to provide support, information, and care to expecting Mum’s.  The group is for women between 20 and 30 weeks gestation and is designed to reduce stress and anxiety whilst preparing for your new arrival!  It is not only for first time Mum’s, but for all expectant Mum’s.

Research shows that stress in pregnancy can have adverse long-term effects on the well-being of the child.  Additionally, stress, anxiety, and depression during pregnancy are strong indicators of post-natal mental health which can also have an impact on the child as it grows and develops

Through the group you will be given information about what your unborn child is able to do now and at birth, as well as information on their development through infancy.  You will be given techniques and support which will allow you to continue your pregnancy in a positive manner and to be ready to develop a strong, secure relationship with your child in the future.  We have also made links to other specialists here in Kuwait who we can hook you up with to provide nutritional, breastfeeding, and birthing advice.

The groups will be starting in January 2012 and will be run one morning a week at Soor Center for Professional Therapy and Assessment.

Please feel free to contact the Soor Center on 2290 1677.   You can also contact the facilitator Dr. Rose Logan, directly on the following email address:


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