A bedtime story for high tech families

One of our favorite bedtime storybooks is “Goodnight Moon”.  It was one of the first books I ever bought Nodi and he still reads it today.

A couple of years have passed and it seems like technology and gadgets have invaded our homes and storybooks!  Check out this parody of “Goodnight Moon,” called “Goodnight iPad,” Written by David Milgrim under the pen of Ann Droyd. “Goodnight iPad” is updated for a new generation of gadget lovin’ families, with goodnights to “the bings, bongs, and beep of e-mails and tweets.”  It’s a fun read that holds a great message: Sometimes we do need to take a step back and unplug everything.

Goodnight remotes and netflix streams,
Goodnight android apps and glowing screens.
Goodnight Macbook Air,
Goodnight gadgets everywhere.
For more information click here

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