Balloony Land, where everything is possible

If you are thinking of planning your kids birthday, christmas party or graduation then look no further, Balloony Land is the place to go. Balloony Land is an event planning company who have just opened their first retail space in AlTilal Complex. You can pass by their store and meet the friendly staff, look through their vast collection of party ideas or give them an idea you would like turned into reality. They are fast, efficient and the best in Kuwait. Our family have been using them for a couple  of years now so I’m speaking from experience 😉

At their store they have a wide selection of party decorations, balloons, table settings with different themes. They also have some great gift ideas as well. It’s a one stop shop for all your party needs.

For more information about Balloony Land check out their Facebook page , visit their shop at Al Tilal Mall, Mezanine Floor, Shop 14,, Shuwaikh, Kuwait or call them on 22255499  mobile: 65549437


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