New year resolutions for Pregnancy, labor and life with your child

Five resolutions for pregnancy:

1.    I will look in the mirror every day and tell myself I’m fabulous.  Then I’ll spend the day being fabulous.
2.    I will eat more fruits and veggies and fewer Hot Pockets and Doritos.
3.    I will go for a walk, do some yoga, pick up some weights and stretch.
4.    I will ask more questions at my prenatal visits.
5.    I will keep an open mind and heart when people offer me advice.

Six resolutions for labor:

1.    I will not compare my birth experience with those of my friends, sister or mother.
2.    I will only invite people into my labor room who support my family and me.
3.    I will get up, walk and change positions as often as possible.
4.    I will remind myself that this is a new and unique experience for my baby and me and if labor doesn’t go the way I thought it would, so be it.
5.    I will not call anyone mean names or blame them for my labor, (even though women in the movies do) and remember that my husband/partner is going through a big change too.
6.    I will remember that billions of women have had babies before and if they can do it, so can I.

Seven resolutions for the first week of parenthood:

1.    I will be thankful that my baby and I came through birth healthy and well.
2.    I will be gentle with my body and let it heal in its’ own time.
3.    I will take all advice with the intention it is offered and a grain (maybe a shaker) of salt.
4.    I will ask for help.
5.    I will understand that many women have done this before, that there’s more than one way to do things and my way is a good way too.
6.    I will remember that it’s only sleep and there will be time for that later.
7.    I will remind myself that I’ve been given the greatest gift of all – my own child to raise thoughtfully, carefully and with the best abilities I have.

Eight resolutions for the rest of your life:

1.    I will do my best every day to be kind to my self, my family and my child.
2.    I will remember that I’m raising the child in front of me, not the one in the book or the movies and I’m not re-raising myself.
3.    I will remind myself during the good times and the bad ones that this is a moment, not forever. Cherish it, value it or just get through it.
4.    I will not micromanage my partner or husband by expecting him to parent my way.
5.    I will not let a little mess and chaos ruin everything.
6.    I will simplify, simplify, simplify, realizing that nothing needs to be all that complicated.
7.    I will remember to speak to my child as politely as I expect him to speak to me.  If I wouldn’t use that voice with my friend or coworker, why would I use it with my child.
8.    I will forgive myself for occasionally losing my mind, temper and cool because nobody needs a perfect mother.

via Fit Pregnancy 


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