A Trivia for the Day – Can You Guess Who He Is?

His PERSONALITY: He is a typical tag-a-long three and a half-year-old. He is lovable, imaginative, energetic and always trying to keep up with the big kids. Constantly curious, his favorite words are who, what, when, where and most of all “why?”

His FAVORITE THINGS: He likes to do anything and everything, especially whatever Bert and Ernie can do.

WHAT KIDS LEARN from him: His versatility and adaptive behavior helps children understand the importance of learning to cooperate and compromise. Like most three year olds, he doesn’t always have the skills or knowledge to do what he wants. But, that doesn’t discourage him. Children realize its okay to be the youngest, the smallest or the one who is sometimes left behind.

Here is a hint

Who is he ?

Check out Eventmania’s Facebook page for some more fun trivia questions.


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