Trivia of the Day: Can You Guess Who He Is from Sesame Street?

His PERSONALITY: Lovable, furry four-year-old who is always bursting with energy and curiosity. This sometimes gets him into trouble in the real world, but his Mommy helps him out as she tells her furry little son to keep trying.

His FAVORITE THINGS: Likes righting wrongs (or thinking he is); soaring high in the air as “Super ——-”; running upstairs and downstairs; wearing his “Super ——-” costume.  WHAT KIDS LEARN: Children identify with his difficulties when being helpful and his bewilderment with adult logic.  They also identify with his “Super ——-” fantasy as a way of feeling more confident and competent.

Share your answers 😉

Don’t forget the Sesame street gang are coming to Kuwait so get your tickets from Viva branch in Avenues Mall or Olympia Mall.

Check out their Facebook page for more information about the event.


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