School carnivals, today

Last weekend I took my boys to a school carnival. To be honest I had high hopes for the carnival and was expecting to spend the whole day there. Truth be said I was very disappointed. All we saw were stalls all over the place selling food! From popcorn, cupcakes, saj, chips, and chocolates. I also spotted a stall that was selling something called “Hyper Shots” which turned out to be red bull mixed with different kinds of juices!! Red bull at a kids carnival?!?  As for entertainment, they had some drawing contests, a few bouncy castles and a swing set!

To be honest I was expecting to see more entertainment and less food, old school carnival games such as fish pond, bean toss, ring toss, racing and so on. Games where kids would get excited about and win prizes as well. My kids were bored after 40 minutes.

Why is everything all of a sudden about food?! We want to see more activities,and certainly more creativity.


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