What are you feeding your kids?!

A friend of mine who is a dietitian decided one day to buy a meal from McDonalds and leave it to see what happens to it after a couple of weeks. He posts pictures every once in a while to show us the progress and how the meal changes throughout time. After looking at the pictures you truly wonder what do they put in our food??! I’m going to share with you a few of his pictures. This is the meal after 2 months. He says that the meal still looks edible, it has hardened  but no mold has appeared.

Is this what we want to feed our kids? Remember this the next time your decide to treat your kids to junk food!

Photo credits to Sami AlBader. Follow him on twitter @Ilbader


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One response to “What are you feeding your kids?!

  1. eduvationtoday

    in between i had read that it had plastic sort of stuff on it so as to make it look fresh and tasty even 2 days after purchasing

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