Food Revolution Kuwait

Breastfeeding is revolutionary ~ especially if your mother didn’t…your sisters or friends aren’t…or your work and other life circumstances make it difficult to support. All these scenarios are likely here in Kuwait where the exclusive breastfeeding rate at 3 months is only 12%. So the decision to breastfeed is counter culture, with large marketing industries and social pressures trying to convince you to do otherwise. For those of us who were raised by hippies…or at least mothers who believed everything that was natural was better (garlic paste under the feet or in drinks for illnesses, comfrey tea for congestion, homemade home-ground wheat bread)…it was a decision that was second nature. But if you are new to to breastfeeding, your decision could be revolutionary for you, your children, your sisters and friends, and everyone you influence. Read the rest of the article on Birth Kuwait.

Food Revolution Kuwait will be held on Saturday May 19th from 11am-7pm

Location: The Women’s Culture and Social Society.

Get the chance to meet  local farmers and chefs, taste free organic nibbles and find out how to get the best food for you and your family!
By, Sarah Paksima Co-Founder BirthKuwait, Doula, Childbirth Educator and Prenatal Yoga Teacher


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