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Caine’s Arcade – A little boy’s dream

I was checking out some local blogs this morning and stumbled on this video from Q8 Blend’s blog. Caine Monroy is a 9-year old boy who spent his summer vacation building an  DIY cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto parts store. Day after day he would design, develop and create different arcade games using cardboard boxes and some of his old toys as prizes for his customers. It was his dream to have customers play at his arcade stations and one man made it all possible.

The imagination and creativity of children is limitless but as  parents specially here in Kuwait are we holding our children back ? Are we giving them everything on a silver platter ? Are we giving them the opportunity to be the best they can be ? Just a little something to think about.

After filming the video, the film makers created Caine’s Scholarship Fund & Caine’s Arcade Foundation

We posted the film with an initial goal of raising a $25,000 scholarship fund for Caine to help with his education. The first day the film was posted, over $60,000 was raised. A week later, we received a matching dollar-for-dollar seed funding grant of $250,000 from the Goldhirsh Foundation to help start the Caine’s Arcade Foundation to help more innovative kids.

There is so much good in the world and starting off with just one man, a total stranger has changed Caine’s life forever.


For more information about Caine’s Arcade visit his website here.


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Food Revolution Day, May 19

Food revolution day is just around the corner and Kuwait is joining in. Follow @foodrev on twitter or check out their website for more information.

How are you going to participate?

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The joy in motherhood

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A fresh spring baby shower

I love how every little detail is taken care of. This baby shower is just beautiful.

Via Hostess with the mostess

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A beautiful baby shower theme “look who’s coming”

I think owls are the cutest thing ever! The details in this baby shower are fabulous! From the owl dessert table, cupcakes and centerpieces, They are just beautiful.

Did you have a baby shower and would like to share it with us? Please send your images to

Images via nicolebenitez

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A whimsical nursery

One of the most exciting times during pregnancy is when you start planning and putting together your baby’s nursery. Calming colors, coziness and warmth is what every baby needs in her/his nursery  and Mrs.F from Tidbit Du Jour has done just that. A few days ago she shared some images of her daughter’s nursery and let me just say they are beautiful! Mrs.F should share some of her interior decorating tips with us 😉

Check out the rest of the pictures at Tidbit Du Jour.

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لولوه تصنع الابتسامه

A very touching and heart warming video that brought tears to my eyes. Lulwah, a little girl who tries to help the less fortunate at a very young age, not only because they need it but also trying to teach herself the importance of community service.  Children are the future and it is our job as parents to teach them the meaning of  life. Courage, compassion and kindness go a long way, be kind to others and be thankful for what you have.

If only more parents were like Lulwah’s parents the world would be a better place.

لولوه المجيبل ، طفله كويتيه أحبت مساعدة الآخرين ليس لأنهم محتاجون فقط، بل تسعى بذلك للقرب من الله وتربية نفسها على خدمة مجتمعها.
تم تصوير هذا الفيديو بشكل حقيقي وطبيعي أثناء تجوال لولوه في الشارع لمساعدة الفقراء وفي المستشفى، أحببت أن أوثق هذه اللحظات لها، كي لا تنسى بعد أن يمضي بها العمر كيف كانت طفولتها نقيه ونفسها خيّره.
لكن وجدنا أننا مسئولين أمام مجتمعنا وأمتنا بأن تكون أنفسنا كــ لولوه ، لذلك نشارككم هذا الفيديو.
ولا تنسونا من خالص دعائكم.
لولوة وأسرتها
فكره وسيناريو: ناصر المجيبل
اخراج: عبدالرحمن الخليفي


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