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Back to school

I consider the first week back to school the week of madness! Getting the kids back in to a proper routine, early wake up calls and helping them have a smooth transition back into school is so overwhelming.  How did you and your kids handle it ?

Of course part of our yearly tradition is taking a first day photos. This year instagram was over populated with proud mommies and daddies showing off their little ones going to school. I decided to do something different and I asked my kids what they wanted to be when they grow up ? I wrote them down on a piece of paper and had them take a picture with it. I think I’m going to keep doing this every year.


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A day out in Wafra

No weekend is complete with out our Friday lunch at Wafra. The kids look forward to it and can’t wait to get back there to enjoy running around and roaming around discovering different things. This weekend was no different even though we were not too sure about the weather, we decided to go anyway. Thank god we did! The weather was fabulous. It was cloudy with a cool breeze and some fresh air, we didn’t want to move!

Here are some tidbits from our day.

Taking his time strolling the streets of Wafra

My little photographer <3..Note: The car was parked 😉


Nodi and his kite flying techniques :*

Fizzle mesmerized by how high the kites can go

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I would like to say a good thing about…

I picked up Nodi from school the other day and he was so excited he couldn’t wait to show me a piece of paper he had stuffed into his pocket. He took out the crumbled paper and with a shy giggle told me to read it. OMG!! He is too cute!!!

To be honest I’m so jealous!! LOL! Why didn’t he choose me ?


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National Day Birthday Party

Since my niece’s birthday is a few days before Kuwait National Day she decided she wanted a traditional Kuwaiti birthday party. Kuwait flags were decorated all over the garden, guests were told to come in traditional clothes and the balloons hung high in black, white, red and green. The music was great! Kids dancing around and beautiful girls wearing traditional thoobs looked adorable! I really wish girls wore these more often specially during Eid.

Here are a few pictures I snapped using my iPhone during her party.


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I “HEART” my Boba carrier

Making sure Fizzle wasn't too big for it before our summer travels

We went everywhere last summer with the boba a carrier

I’m sure you all know by now how much I love my Boba carrier. I highly recommend it for any new parent. It is a MUST HAVE!

The Boba carriers and wraps are available at Oleana Boutique.

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Toddlers and their phases

Fizzle is going through his cleaning phase. No one is allowed to clean up any of  his spills or crumbs, he loves to sweep floors, dust furniture and put things back in their place. The only downfall with this is that sometimes he makes a bigger mess than he can handle!

Fizzle is wearing EMU boots in the first picture. They are available at Oleana Boutique.

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A toddler’s fashion sense

Last Tuesday was McFizzle’s last day at school. They were having a Christmas party so I had him all dressed up in a nice pair of pants and sweater. As we were ready to leave the house, he came up to me and said that he wanted to wear something else. I let him choose whatever he wanted and this was the result:


Lesson: never let a 2 year old decide what to wear! lol

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