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“JUMPSTART NUTRITION!” A Nutrition course  for 7-9 year olds will start Today May 29th ending June 12th!

Join our doctor and nutritionist to learn about food and balanced meals in a fun and interactive way! Students will discover

*food groups and their importance,
*the new USDA guidelines of MYPLATE
*know how to create a balanced breakfast and snack.
*They will also learn to visualize portion sizes
* learn about food labels and how to make choices!
We will meet twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Our course is 10 hours long.
You can register your child by texting them on 90026059 with their name and age!

Checkout their Facebook page for more information and Follow them on twitter and instagram @youngdoctorsq8


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Food Revolution Kuwait

Breastfeeding is revolutionary ~ especially if your mother didn’t…your sisters or friends aren’t…or your work and other life circumstances make it difficult to support. All these scenarios are likely here in Kuwait where the exclusive breastfeeding rate at 3 months is only 12%. So the decision to breastfeed is counter culture, with large marketing industries and social pressures trying to convince you to do otherwise. For those of us who were raised by hippies…or at least mothers who believed everything that was natural was better (garlic paste under the feet or in drinks for illnesses, comfrey tea for congestion, homemade home-ground wheat bread)…it was a decision that was second nature. But if you are new to to breastfeeding, your decision could be revolutionary for you, your children, your sisters and friends, and everyone you influence. Read the rest of the article on Birth Kuwait.

Food Revolution Kuwait will be held on Saturday May 19th from 11am-7pm

Location: The Women’s Culture and Social Society.

Get the chance to meet  local farmers and chefs, taste free organic nibbles and find out how to get the best food for you and your family!
By, Sarah Paksima Co-Founder BirthKuwait, Doula, Childbirth Educator and Prenatal Yoga Teacher

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Food Revolution Day, May 19

Food revolution day is just around the corner and Kuwait is joining in. Follow @foodrev on twitter or check out their website for more information.

How are you going to participate?

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The 26-Ingredient School Lunch Burger

These 26 ingredient burger patties are everywhere—in your fridge, at schools and at the supermarket. Always remember nothing beats fresh, home cooked meals.


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What are you feeding your kids?!

A friend of mine who is a dietitian decided one day to buy a meal from McDonalds and leave it to see what happens to it after a couple of weeks. He posts pictures every once in a while to show us the progress and how the meal changes throughout time. After looking at the pictures you truly wonder what do they put in our food??! I’m going to share with you a few of his pictures. This is the meal after 2 months. He says that the meal still looks edible, it has hardened  but no mold has appeared.

Is this what we want to feed our kids? Remember this the next time your decide to treat your kids to junk food!

Photo credits to Sami AlBader. Follow him on twitter @Ilbader

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Doula Birth in Kuwait

For more information about the Doula Training Course check out our Doula Training Post as well as visit Birth Kuwait’s website. You can also call them on 5536-8636

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Young Doctors Academy

A private after-school program in Kuwait for students aged 7-13 bringing the world of medicine into the classroom and learning all about health and our fascinating body in a fun and interactive way!

We are a private after-school program in Kuwait for elementary students ages 7-12 aiming to bring the world of medicine into the classroom where they will be learning all about health and their fascinating body in a fun, interactive manner through:
• hands-on activities
• group discussions
• experiments
• games
• simulated role play
• reading and math skills
• medical case scenarios

We also aim to develop scientific inquiry, nurture problem-solving skills, enrich english language and broaden academic vocabulary within each child.
 We’re now taking registerations for our Cardiovascular unit that will be starting very soon! It’s 5 sessions (2 hours each), one session a week.
Pick your day – Saturday, Monday or Tuesday! For 9-13 year olds. Mondays and  Tuesdays 4:30 to 6:30 (pm of course!), Saturdays 4-6PM.
Promotion offer for early registration is KD 65 for 5 x two hour sessions.
Located in Jabriya. Call  97891140 or  Email: register@youngdoctorsacademy.comFor more information check out their Facebook  page Young Doctors Academy 

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