Birthday party at My Gym

Just came back from my nieces birthday party at My Gym, and what a great experience it was. The kids had a blast; my son didn’t want to go home! The place was nicely decorated with balloons everywhere, a great note written on the glass door as you entered saying HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY and the staff were very friendly and kept the kids on their toes. There were different games for the kids to play as well as having the choice of playing with My Gym equipment. After 2 hours of none stop play it was time for the cake and dinner, it was perfect timing because the kids were so hungry from all the running around.

Some of the games looked like so much fun, I wanted to jump in and join them!

If your kids have a birthday coming up I would highly recommend My Gym. It is a great experience for all the kids, an added bonus you don’t have to do any cleaning up 😉

For more information call 99114373

My Gym is located at Discovery Mall.


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